Dachshund Dad

2022.01.25 10:12 KyleRoberts88 Dachshund Dad

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2022.01.25 10:12 who-ryou That Baron steal by Hena from T1. Woahh! Waiting for the last shot.

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2022.01.25 10:12 Glum_Gift_4222 Join the PikaPunks Discord Server! On going give a way and have a chance to participate on the Beta Test of our new P2E game!! Join us!!

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2022.01.25 10:12 wolff3D Not comforted at all

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2022.01.25 10:12 Strider0905 Motivate me for Automata!

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2022.01.25 10:12 Affectionate-Bill150 I sometimes unintentionally teabag when I'm guiding Pit's arrows lol

This happens less with Dark Pit since his cannot curve much,however his hit just right when you want them to.
Also yesterday I got a kill off of one,it was nice.
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2022.01.25 10:12 DaQue60 Inferred to explicit cargo add on?

Rust analyzer does an amazing job showing what type the compiler will infer if it is not given explicitly. Is there a cargo add on that will add the explicit types to the source file? It’s not really needed but I like to use explicit types if possible.
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2022.01.25 10:12 Financial-Top1199 Any long term user of the official leather case?

Am thinking of purchasing either the yellow or dark green leather case but need opinion of existing long term users. How does it hold up?
Saw some reviews that the yellow case in particular gets dirty easily and the colour wear off easily as well?
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2022.01.25 10:12 Tyolag 📌Do you think Gamepass or similar subscription like models will hurt the video game industry?

-Lower quality games -A Focus on specific type of games -People won't want to spend 60 on a game anymore -Exclsuive subscription games(no Digital/physical)
Feel free to argue for or against those points.
View Poll
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2022.01.25 10:12 Ag_Smith_95 Dropping the table

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2022.01.25 10:12 i_shid_myself What keys should I buy for shoreline?

Hi, I’m pretty new. First wipe, level 17. I recently lost over 4 million and need keys for my docs case so I can grind shoreline. I have W301, E222 and E226. Anything else?
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2022.01.25 10:12 Classic_Ad_6224 Wie trade

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2022.01.25 10:12 wuanlai65 $BabyUni ⭐ 1️0 BNB marketing budget⭐ Anti-bot⭐ Anti-whale feature ⭐ Launching Now on BSC ⭐

This is BabyUni ($BABYU) token ♨️
We are the first BSC token with $UNI auto-claim feature.
4️% of every transaction will be rewarded back to every holder, while another 4️% will be burnt forever and 2️% will be added to our Liquidity.
Our smart contract has ♨️111PG Anti-bot code, coupled with ♨️ Anti-whale feature, please rest assured that bots will not have any place here. ♨️
⚙️We just started building our community.⚙️
We will grow organically with heavy marketing plans.
We have more than ⚙️1️0⚙️ BNB reserved for advertisement and marketing.
BabyUni will surely be the latest token in the Baby family to reach 10 million marketcap.
⚡ Hop in before it is too late⚡
⚽ Tokenomics⚽
✅Total Supply: 100,000,000 $BABYU
✅DEV Wallet: 5%
✅MKT Wallet: 5%
✅Initial LP: 1 $BNB - 900,000,000 $BABYU
⚽Token Distribution⚽
✅4% Burn
✅4% $UNI distribution to all holders
✅2% LP
⭐️Please buy only via Pancake Swap⭐️
✨Contract Address✨
✨Buy link✨

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2022.01.25 10:12 Neno28 Welches ist ein Brett-/Kartenspiel, das eurer Meinung völlig grundlos erfolgreich ist?

Für mich ist es Siedler von Catan. Das klassiche Ding von Klaus Teuber mit Spiel des Jahres 1995 Siegel. Das Spiel ist weder strategisch noch hat man wirklich Entscheidungen. Wo welche Zahlen liegen und ob du mit deinen ersten beiden Siedlungen dir diese sichern kannst, entscheidenen wer gewinnt. Und selbst wenn das nicht so wäre: Was macht man denn in dem Spiel? Man würfelt, bekommt oft den falschen oder gar keine Rohstoffe und macht nichts. Und danach ist der nächste Spieledie nächste Spielerin an der Reihe und macht wieder nichts. Wenn du etwas bauen kannst, ist es praktisch immer besser es zu bauen. Also... wo war nochmal die Entscheidung? "Ja aber mit Erweiterung..." - NEIN. Wenn das Spiel erst mit Erweiterung gut wird, ist um Umkehrschluss das Grundspiel ja kacke.
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2022.01.25 10:11 Teona_Aptsiauri ⚔️ Meme war on Discord ⚔️ Share your #MEME and your sense of humor and win up to 1000AMT💸 Discord link in comments 👇🏻

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2022.01.25 10:11 International_Let127 Lista Top 10 Filmova

Znam da se o ukusima ne raspravlja ali evo zanima me što ostali gledaju i koji su vama najdraži i jedni od najboljih filmova koje vrijedi pogledati...Za mene lista je malo poduža ali izdvojio sam 10 filmova različitih žanrova koje svakako preporučam.

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2022.01.25 10:11 SpectralVoodoo anime_irl

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2022.01.25 10:11 Opposite-Demand-1292 If you know, you know

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2022.01.25 10:11 KazanoHiori /r/Ichiran is now using Minimaluminiumalism

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2022.01.25 10:11 SPMSD Untitled

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2022.01.25 10:11 kisseli666 Upeasti yhdistetyt otsikot 10/10 ei yhtään harhaan johtavaa

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2022.01.25 10:11 Vuxlort I had an incredibly vibrant childhood

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2022.01.25 10:11 hunter1fish FT image LF shiny tapu Koko and fini shiny solgalao shiny silvaly and offers

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2022.01.25 10:11 jamjamil Will DOCP do any damage

So I recently built myself a new PC and the Specs are as follows.
Ryzen 5 5600X
RTX 3070 8GB
16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200mhz
Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II
I've been having a great time with it but Ive been wondering why my Ram was only running at 2133mhz so after looking into it i realized i had docp turned off. I couldnt really find a clear answer on whether or not its safe, if i should turn it on and if the power consumption gets significantly higher. I turned it on and my pc booted as regularly and i was at 3200mhz now but i had a few questions.

  1. Will the Power consumption rise to a point that has a noticable impact?
  2. Will turning it on do any damage in the future like possible black screens?
  3. What is the difference between turning on DOCP and regular Overclocking
  4. Will it void the waranty in any way?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 10:11 lovelinmangang ERROR: [reposync] failed to fetch file https://alpha.de.repo.voidlinux.org/current/nonfree/x86_64-repodata': Operation not permitted

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