How to forget an amazing LO that we were not compatible with?

2022.01.25 11:59 AzzakFeed How to forget an amazing LO that we were not compatible with?

So I spent a lot of time with my LO for around 8 months last year, and kept in touch by phone for a few months after that. We studied together and also went do various activities quite often. We could spend entire days together, and our phone calls could last 8 hours. We forgot to eat dinner and just talked endlessly.
And... she was an absolutely amazing person. I asked classmates what they thought about her and I got nothing but praise. Her negative sides were minor at best. Many of her friends crushed on her too.
The issue is that we were not compatible for a relationship. She is pretty much an asexual (even though she is not sure) with an avoidant attachment style (perfect limerence material), while I have an anxious attachment style and very high libido. And the uncertainty killed me. That would have never worked out well. I'm thankful for not doing anything more intimate with her.
I am on my way to forget her but... it's hard. I mean, she is fucking great and we had a lot in common.
How do you forget someone like that? I try to focus on the incompatibility, but I can not help but to admire her. I don't have many bad memories to focus on, except the fact she was quite chaotic. But she was never mean or evil towards me. In fact she agreed immediately to no contact when I told her it was difficult to be her friend, and provided a lot of emotional support.
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2022.01.25 11:59 Princessluna44 There is apparently 'strange and illegal" behavior on my account. :-P (Notice the highlighted BS the call an email address?)

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2022.01.25 11:59 _vinpetrol Arvsfonden hjälpte förening anklagad för klankultur – gav sen miljonbidrag

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2022.01.25 11:59 Various-Road-607 Which Warden is more powerful for PvP?

Which Warden is more powerful for PvP?
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2022.01.25 11:59 TopMemory3882 With the release of a new leaf traderie, I found some items that I don’t recognise and I was wondering how you get them in-game.

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2022.01.25 11:59 Ready_Ad_4014 🔥HUGE Fermi's Freaks GIVEAWAY🔥Join Discord For More Information!!🔥

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I’ve been a Process Assistant for a little over a year. Applied for L4 AM 2 months ago - got inclined.. unfortunately couldn’t get exempted for the tenure requirement by the regionals ( yes it can happen ) Throughout this experience of being inclined but not slotted I started looking into different career paths! I recently applied for L4 Central Flow and just got my inclined! (This position doesn’t require 2 years tenure, just a year as a PA) Just received my inclined & will be moving to NASH.
This was all within a year and 2 months of working with amazon, I joined when I was 20 & now I just turned 21.
I’m making this post to show you that anything is possible within AMAZON, just never give up & keep putting in 110% effort. I’ve been to 3 different buildings with over 20k in bonuses
(No I don’t have a degree, but I am enrolled into career choice)
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2022.01.25 11:59 mk-artsy Freelancing while working full time

I am an in-house graphic designer for a medium sized restaurant group, and I like my job for now but hope to transition to my own business in the next year or so once I build up a client base and some savings. I don't get paid a ton and the benefits are not great (very limited PTO, expensive healthcare, no 401K match), but I love the people I work with and have already made some great connections.
My goal when I start my own solo design business is to work with restaurants and other local hospitality industry businesses, specifically doing brand identity design and general collateral. I also want to add food photography as an extra service (because I enjoy it and think it would be valuable to local restaurants). Naturally, I want to get some experience and connections with companies outside of my full-time gig, but it's definitely a conflict of interest if I do.
How should I go about getting more experience in my desired industry without pissing off my current employer? I obviously wouldn't do freelance work during my 9-5, but I would feel guilty working with "competitors" in our area.
Should I just stick with freelance design work for unrelated businesses for now, even if that doesn't help build up my portfolio with relevant work?
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2022.01.25 11:59 AmphibianMajestic848 Personal space and touching people

Sorry, just needed to rant about this.
So many people at my school have a complete disregard for the fact that other people might not want to be touched. I know some autistic people really like it, but I hate it. I hate that people will tap you on the back or something instead of just saying your name, as it really stresses me out. There was a group of boys in my year (I was assigned male at birth btw) who would just pick me up and touch me even though they knew I hate it and it really upset me. I told them I don't like it but they did it anyway. They've stopped now I don't go to break or lunch anymore.
This next bit isn't really other people's faults, but I don't like it anyway. I hate it when you brush up against people. The same as when people touch me otherwise, I feel mental contamination (look it up, I'd been looking for a term for it for so long). Not because I think they're gross or anything, but it just makes me feel like that and it's horrible.
This is one of the many reasons that I don't go to lessons or even into the main building of my school anymore, I just stay in the special needs unit (I know, I'm so lucky) that I'm not even supposed to be a part of. I think I'm really burned out atm which isn't helping. I've been more anxious and depressed than ever and just feel emotionally exhausted.
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2022.01.25 11:59 LV-426Mechanic Breakfast tacos

It’s pretty crazy there’s not a grab an go option for breakfast tacos in flagstaff. I’m debating just making a couple hundred breakfast tacos putting them in coolers and selling them by the campus housing for $2 each. I’m from the south but imagine everybody likes Bean and cheese Bean cheese and bacon Potato egg cheese Literally any combination of bean egg cheese potato bacon.
Am I crazy to think that would be successful?
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2022.01.25 11:59 WildFocus1 I sent my ex a letter and got a reply

We broke up four months ago and have been radio silent for the last three, after dating for a little over a year. I decided I needed to write my ex an email to apologize for how I was and the role I played in our relationship ending. After three days she replied:
I want you to know that your email meant a lot to me; those were words that I felt I needed for quite some time. Our relationship was a very important stepping stone for both of us, a stepping stone that we needed to take in order to become the best version of ourselves. I couldn’t be more grateful for the time that we spent together. You taught me more about myself than I ever thought possible.
Just as you know I would never do something to intentionally hurt you, I know you would never do something to intentionally hurt me. I forgive you.
I’m not sure why but it rubs me the wrong way when she says the relationship was a stepping stone for the both of us. And that I taught her a lot about herself that she’ll most likely apply towards her new partner. She’s not wrong but I still feel used in a way. If she replied like she’s with someone new, that’s because she is. The person she left me for.
Here’s what I sent to her first:
I want you to know I’m sorry about that last message I sent. It was wrong of me to lash out and accuse you of hurting me on purpose. I know you wouldn’t do that. I was coming to conclusions and that wasn’t right of me to drag you down with me. I was lost and confused as it was my first time going through all that. I know my last text implied it, but I don’t think little of you nor do I hold any resentment. I’m not mad at you or anything like that.
I want to make sure there are no ill feelings between us and to apologize for how I was and the role I played in our relationship ending. After learning about attachment theory, it completely crushed me when I discovered I’m avoidant and the implications that came along with that. I believe it played a large role in our relationship.
It was a horrible feeling when I realized how I made you feel. If I hurt you and made you feel dismissed, it was never on purpose. What I once saw as you displaying insecurities may actually have been a reflection of my own dismissive behavior. I now see how that could have been amplified by my actions. I feel terrible knowing I did that to you and can’t apologize enough for that.
You weren’t asking much of me at all and I see that now. You were only asking of me what you needed, which was the bare minimum. I’m truly sorry if I made you feel alone in the relationship. You didn’t deserve that. When I said you were too much that was my avoidant traits trying to justify why I was feeling how I was. In addition, our attachment styles may not have been the most compatible, which caused conflict. I can’t blame everything on that, or me being avoidant, but it didn’t help one bit.
My lack of compromise, communication, and overall effort only made things worse. I was so passive that I couldn’t even set boundaries which may have led you to make assumptions. I never meant to lead you on. When things got tough all I wanted to do was run away instead of try and work out the issues. It was my first relationship and for some reason that got to me. I wasn’t ready for a serious commitment yet.
I had such internal conflict when I wasn’t sure why I was feeling how I was. It was really holding me back and causing such turmoil within me, as I had no idea what was happening. Part of me didn’t care to look within to try and figure it out while the other part was scared of what I’d find. I wanted to be alone because that’s when I felt the safest. To be by myself wasn’t to get away from you, it was to get away from the situation and the conflict. I had such a hard time opening up and letting you in when I wasn’t even at that point with myself yet. I wanted a stronger emotional connection but something held me back.
So I want you to know that you had such an impact on my life that you made me want to change for the better. I wouldn’t reach out and tell you all this if you didn’t mean to me as you do. I’ll always care about you no matter what and wouldn’t take back our time together for anything. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. I’m going to do everything I can to get better and be a more complete person.
I feel like I gave you no other choice and in a way forced you to end it with me and that was wrong of me. I want to make sure you know it’s not your fault for how I was. Your needs were more than valid. I don’t blame your decision to end it at all as I showed no signs of changing.
Sincerely, O
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2022.01.25 11:59 elgrn1 Shout out to anyone going into an office for the first time for a new job this week

Its my turn tomorrow and I'm feeling all kinds of things about it, mostly good; dreading that early alarm though!
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2022.01.25 11:59 Inside-Reception-363 some high today though after Elon tweet!

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2022.01.25 11:59 1_2_3_reddit I bought this antique stained glass lamp from a woman who said her her brother was an antique dealer. I love it, and it has become the centerpiece of my home remodel. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

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2022.01.25 11:59 CrypticxCat NG+ unavailable

Does anyone know why my NG+ isn't available after finishing campaign?
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2022.01.25 11:59 1001Anonymous Never thought those roos were so terrifying.

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2022.01.25 11:59 Retard-Cheekz Pair of Asian Elephants hangout near a watering hole while white-tailed deer cautiously keep their distance. Elephant sanctuary tennessee📍

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2022.01.25 11:59 HelgetheMighty The cover for my bands current EP: Caprae Idolum - Matches (@metalligatorrr on instagram)

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2022.01.25 11:59 SandNig33 Improvise and Overcome

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2022.01.25 11:59 cysec_ Interview with Chris Swenor

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2022.01.25 11:59 beardybuck HMRC Compliance EO Belfast - 45th of 89 on reserve (30 posts).... anyone have experience of being offered a job that far down?

Just had an email placing me 45 of 89 on a reserve list. The original ad mentioned 30 posts so I assume these have been filled or offered and I'm 45th in line at the moment. The reserve list expires this week 2023, so I'm hoping something might come up. It's impossible to know, but anyone's previous experience with a year reserve list might give me an insight into the amount of churn and refusals that have happened in the past. I'm in work at the minute, but I'm in my late forties and it's a fairly physical job that is only going to get more difficult into my fifties!
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2022.01.25 11:59 JoBeWriting My kid is acting like a kid so I don't want to be a parent anymore

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2022.01.25 11:59 stankleykong Cat food for free (I hope this is allowed on here)

Hey everyone, I live in Shinjuku and I have cat food that my cat didn't like and I would like to give them away.
royal canin kitten wet food. I have 9 left and I bought it recently, my cat puked these out I'm not sure why
Sheba Cat Treats, Melty Tuna & Bonito Flavor Gourmet Selection she didn't even look at it. (I used 3 of these)
I know I could donate these but I'm not confident enough with my Japanese skills so would rather just give it to one of you guys. The linked products are both from amazon.
We can meet in front of a koban or the Shinjuku station. I don't expect no pay nothing I just don't want to get these things go to waste. PM me if interested.
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2022.01.25 11:59 SeniorRazzmatazz4977 True

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2022.01.25 11:59 m0rphico man why the fuck do parents gotta be so annoying

i literally JUST came home and started looking at my phone and my mom comes and sits next to me like bruh??? and then after 2 minutes, i was looking at the time, tells me to change up and i say well ok get out of my room then and she starts making a big deal about that and immediately after she comes in without even knocking... i could be changing rn and takes away my phone AAAA i fucking hate living with my parents i wanna move out already
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